Registered Shorthorn Herd

We began raising registered Shorthorn cattle in January of 2004. Currently, we have 60 head. Shorthorns are known for their early maturity, adaptability, mothering ability, reproductive performance, hardiness, good disposition, feed conversion, and longevity. In the feedlot, they reach 1,000 and 1,200 pound weights at an early age and have no trouble producing Choice grade carcasses.

We added these cattle to our program primarily for their milking and mothering ability and for their reproductive performance, but their hardiness, feed conversion, and early maturity are qualities that were extremely impressive to us. We expect that the crosses with our commercial herd will perform exceptionally well in the feedlot.

The Shorthorn breed is one of the few breeds of cattle that is in the baseline of most all other breeds of cattle. We believe that crossing this breed with a commercial herd will re-strengthen that baseline in the commercial herd and help make those base qualities even more pronounced.

Our goals for the Shorthorn herd are not only to use them to improve our commercial herd and yours, but also to produce top-notch purebred bulls, replacement females, and club calves for commercial or registered operators.

If you'd like to see some examples of the bulls and females we're producing, click on the appropriate link.  Shorthorn Bulls  |   Shorthorn Females

You can learn more about the Shorthorn breed and the American Shorthorn Association by going to

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